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We invite you to apply to this juried art fair at the 61st Unitarian Universalist Art Fair and Bazaar!
  • 30 artisans will be invited to participate
  • Media considered include: Glass, Ceramics, Jewelry, Textiles, Wood, Painting, Photography and Mixed
  • $10 to apply and $90 for a booth
  • Applicants will be notified of the jurors' decision by October 4th
    • Acceptance is needed by October 11th, which includes payment of the $90 booth fee


  • Each application shall include 3 photographs of original work by the artisan.
    • Choose only 1 media for your application
    • Pick your best works for your photographs
    • Size of at least 540 x 540 pixels and no larger than 4800 x 4800
      • A minimum of 1920 x 1920 is recommended
      • Each photo will be resized to 100 and 1920 within Artcall for use by judges
      • Formats include: JPEG, PNG and PDF.
    • Include a title for each photograph
  • All works must be original, made by the artisan
  • Submissions will be judged on:
    • quality of composition
    • originality and creativity
    • overall impression of the art work as a whole
  • Jurors will only see the Title, Category/Media and photographs for each submission.
    • Jurors will not know the artist's name during the judging
    • Artists will not know the jurors' names during the judging
  • Accepted and wait listed applications
    • Artisans will be notified by October 4th of the jury's decision
    • The decision of the jury is final
    • Accepted artisans must send in their $90 booth fee by October 11th
      • If an accepted artisan declines to participate, offers will be made to those on the wait list
  • Booths will be determined based on the accepted artists
    • each media type will be spread out in different areas
    • you may request a specific booth in your application, see the booth map
  • Application material may be used for publicity of the UU Art Fair & Bazaar
    • You may optionally include artisan's picture, biography and website/social media sites

Art Show:

  • At Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, 2120 Fee Ln on Dec 6-7
    • Includes Bazaar with Gourmet Galaxy, Cookie Walk, White Elephant Sale, Used Books, and UU groups
  • Setup from 4 - 9pm on Thursday Dec 5
    • Booth includes 1 electrical plugin and a chair
    • Each artist is responsible for booth walls, tables, displays, lighting and so on
    • Free wifi in the building.  Should work for credit card transactions.
  • There will be booth sitters for lunch and other breaks
  • Free lunch and coffee, 1 per booth each day
  • Soft background music during the show 

User Entry Process Tutorial

This video gives an overview of how to create a submission in Artcall.

For help, send email to